Legal Marijuana policies can decrease crimes tremendously


Every year Canada is spending billions of dollars to fight against crime and illegal activities in the country. Interestingly, 1/4th of the billions spent are waged on capturing people who use Cannabis and other related drugs. It is very unfortunate as there are laws to use legal marijuana in Canada and most people are not aware of the laws in a proper manner. Therefore, they take it from illegal means and get captured by the representatives of law enforcement.

There are medical marijuana doctors, marijuana medical cards, Health Canada rules and many that help the people to get their deserved prescription of Cannabis. But, lack of awareness and rash decisions is leading to the illegal use of Marijuana in the country. A lot of people don’t know that one can Grow Legally legal Marijuana in their backyard if they have the right permissions and necessity.

The “Non-crime” Factor

The number of arrests for the possession of Cannabis exceeds that of the arrests done for crime in the country. The Canadian Government has focussed on decreasing this by ensuring that the use of Marijuana is granted to everyone who deserves it. Further, there are many protestors who say that restrictions on Marijuana are created because of the pressure created by the billion dollar pharmaceutical industries. As taking Cannabis is an individual preference and people can use it, the Government cannot hold prisoners such large number for a ‘non-crime’ issue. There is a growing pressure to concentrate more on controlling the criminal activities in the country rather than focussing on individuals having Marijuana in their pockets.

What should be done?

There are many groups suggesting that Cannabis consumption should be made legal. However, this could lead to more severe problems like increase in drug dealers and excess use of Cannabis. Health Canada and Government needs to create more awareness about legal marijuana in Canada.

“In Canada, there are no restrictions for those who are in need of Marijuana for medicinal purposes.”

The quoted text must be reached to everyone and they should opt for medical marijuana consulting instead of looking for Cannabis in the streets. As more and more people start to meet doctors for their health condition and ask for Marijuana, the less chance would drug dealers get to sell the drug. This would drastically reduce the drug related activities in the country. Moreover, the law enforcements need not spend much time for arresting people and need not spend money to take care of the arrested individuals.

The Government should take it as their duty to control the inflow of drugs into the country and ensure that medical marijuana consulting is the only way one could get access to Cannabis. As the drug dealers not only deal with Marijuana and sell many harmful weeds, they need to be arrested. This is the most effective way to kill misuse of a wonderful plant and as the culprits are kept behind the bars, the crime rates will decrease tremendously. The Canadian Government can save billions of dollars by employing this and Health Canada can encourage legal Marijuana at the same time.


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