How Should One Choose A Hospital?


You will find a number of hospitals in India which offer you with a large number of medical services. During a medical emergency, one without any doubt has to choose the nearest hospital. However, when you get time to choose a hospital, how should you choose?

More important than the hospital’s infrastructure is to know whether the hospital has a documented process for its healthcare activities or not. Patient care is not only about the core clinical care, but it is also about other support activities like medicines, requisition of tests, training, nurse doctor coordination, infection control practices, and so on. A good hospital should define as well as document all this training to the staff.

Accreditation is the key

Organizations like the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare (NABH) and Quality Council of India (QCI) design a comprehensive healthcare standard for all the hospitals as well as healthcare providers. The standard level consists of harsh 500 plus objective elements for the hospital that needs to be achieve in order to get the NABH accreditation. For obeying these standard elements, the hospitals should have a process- driven approach for all types of hospital activities like pre-surgery, post-surgery protocols, admission, registration, and after discharge.

NABH accreditation criteria

To give you an idea of what NABH standard and NABH Training comprises of, here are some requirements that are useful:

Information that should be clearly given to the patients

  • The patients and their family members should be explained about the proposed care.
  • The patients and their family members should be properly explained about the expected results.
  • The patients and their family members should be explained about the likely possible complications.
  • The patient and their family members should be explained and told about the expected costs.

Rights of the patient and family

  • Respect for privacy and personal dignity during examination, treatment and various procedures.
  • Right to refuse any treatment.
  • Informed consent before anesthesia, blood transfusions and high-risk procedures.
  • Information on how to voice a complaint against anybody in the hospital.
  • Access to his / her clinical records.

Quality in investigations

  • Sufficiently qualified, capable and trained NABH Consultants perform and administer the lab investigations.
  • Policies and procedures guide through handling, collection, disposal of lab specimens identification, and safe transportation.
  • The imaging and laboratory results are available within a definite time frame.
  • Critical results are wretched immediately to the concerned personnel.
  • The lab and imaging quality programs address to the verification and validation of the test methods.
  • These lab and imaging quality programs includes periodic calibration and maintenance of all equipments.
  • The lab and imaging program includes the documentation of corrective as well as defensive actions.

How does NABH accreditation help patients?

In a NABH accredited hospital, they focus on the following:

  • The right of the patient and its benefits
  • The safety of the Patient
  • How to Control and prevent infections
  • It helps in practicing good patient-care protocols.

NABH standards are now being recognized globally. Mediance Health cares have experienced NABH Consultants who are professionally trained to improve the standards of the hospitals. They have an approach of 24×7 and high commitment level towards their projects.


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