How shakeology is made


It is always in order to know what you are taking into your body system. This is the reason you’ll find the composition or ingredients of a pack showing what is added to give the said product. The is not different likewise for shakeology as the shakeology ingredients are made public for people to know what they are actually taking as food replacement shakes. And what would be more important that this for beachbody with the criticisms on  what is in it for the shakeology product.

On shakeology

Shakeology is a shake with a difference. It is not just any meal replacement shake. That is what we got know about this shake from the manufacturers. This is so because the amount of nutrients packed into it is much and surpasses any product in this category in terms of quantity and richness of ingredients. It has got a lot of things working for it when it comes to patronage. It is a shake that contains lots of nutrients that the body needs.

It is a nutrient formula from the Beachbody Company- actually one of the many products of the beachbody company. It is one of their additions that have changed the way shakes are looked at because of its highly packed nutrients collected from all around the world according to the manufacturers of the product. This is a natural ad rich collection of nutritive superfoods with high quality production.

The general overview of shakeology composition

Shakeology is made of superfoods in the rank of its composition. These are foods such as super-protein, superfruit blends, pre-bacterial ad bacterial and also super-green or phytonutrient blends in the composition. The effect of this multi-mix is evident in the thickness and taste of each flavor in the market. You would see the richness overpowering most of the flavors in some ways. You’ll experience this with the various tastes of the flavors on the market.

There are however some misconceptions and myths that come with this product. Before we look at details of this composition, it will be in order if we look at some areas where the product is not well defined to people.

What shakeology is not made of?

There are some few things that are not found in shakeology contrary to what many people think it to be. Here are major parts of some of them.

No artificial sweeteners

There are general complaints that shakeology has lots of sugar in it and believe that much artificial sugar is used for the production. This is actually not the case according to Beachbody. No artificial sugar is used in any way but natural fructose. Fructose is found in fruits and vegetables and it’s a lot beneficial to the body than glucose that we often use as sugar a type at home. It has lesser impacts on insulin and blood sugar. Whether this is on point is left for a nutritionist to confirm.but the fact remains that natural sugar is used for shakeology and not from an artificial source contrary to many people believe.

No artificial flavors

We have seven flavors presently for shakeology nutrition. For these flavors, it is interesting to know that no artificial flavor or coloring is used. Whatever you see in color and flavor is presented by the formula compositions. For example, the greenberry is made of grass powders, herbal powders, vegetable powders and the rest of the other mixtures gives it the green color associated with it and not any coloration of sort. The chocolate flavor according to Beachbody, appears to be green at the base also but because of the additions of chocolate and cocoa, the color turns brown and more like chocolate. This is the flavor many people love the most among the shakeology flavors from beachbody. It tastes more like chocolate unlike other flavors which to most people are not just what to take.

Well, this should give reasons why many of the flavors hardly have the strong flavor of the particular flavor ascribed to it. This will be good though that the original natural products are the cause for the tastes that are common with the various flavors. It still will not be appreciated by many shakeology users as a food replacement shake of choice.

No caffeine

Beachbody says even though tea extracts are used for one of the flavors of shakeology nutrients, the caffeine content has been removed from the plant before using it for the flavor. You may still have the feel of coffee though, but this does not translate to mean that there is caffeine in the composition. Caffeine is often a stimulant and can be used for stay alert. It is a form of drug on its own that can have some measure of influence on your nervous system.

Gluten and soy are other ingredients you would not find in shakeology nutrition. The major source of protein for this product is whey protein.

Now when shakeology was formulated, it is expected to take care of a lot of health needs. I have heard of someone testifying of using it to correct an imbalance for breast milk flow for her breastfeeding and also helped to recover from being tired always. Food craving reduction is a common testimony from users. Fatigue correction and hormonal issues are some other effects that are seen with the use of shakeology product.

So, what makes it really outstanding and effective? We’ll examine in much detail what is in shakeology shakes. The processes that make up this product though may not be accessed but with the ingredients will give us a light on how it is formulated and made for human consumption.

How shakeology is made

On how shakeology is made, here are the ingredients that are brought to geher to formulate this wonderful product that is the talk of the town in America.

Protein and amino acids

One of the primary components of shakeology is protein. In fact, all shakes are protein rich supplements but shakeology has lot more and boasts of other things to beat others to the game.

The whey protein happens to be the choice of the major protein fro shakeology. This is a whey protein and not soy. Whey protein is derived from cow milk. It is a good source also containing amino acids. This protein is readily absorbed by the body and so a good source for most food replacement shakes. With strong 23 amino acids in the pack, whey formulate the super proteins required by the body which is contained in shakeology shake.


These are nutrients from natural plants from chia seeds and barley grass. These are the super-greens category of the shakeology nutrition facts.


Any food products containing antioxidants are very important because they are responsible for cleaning out free radicals in the body. Free radicals are harmful and lead to some form of diseases.

The adaptogens

These are herbals plants with very high nutritive values to the body. They help with reduction of stress, fatigue and help in trauma cases. It has anti-aging properties and help the balance of endocrine hormones. A good example of this herb is the cordyceps.

Digestive enzymes

They are responsible for breaking foods in the body. They are naturally from fruits like pineapple.

Prebiotics and probiotics

These are plants that aid the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system. They are such like the pea fiber and yacon roots. Not all bacteria in the body are bad, the digestive system bacteria are good for digestion processes and so should be enhanced to perform optimally.

These are the core nutrients of the 70 high value nutrients of shakeology nutrition facts. Remember that shakeology is also a shake. You should store it under a condition that would not destroy the nutritive value that is stored in the product.

Don’t cook shakeology

Someone has asked whether shakeolgy can be cooked with other ingredients. That is, add shakeology to the cook with a meal type. Would that be okay?

Not really, from beachbody, it is clear that shakes and shakeology are food substances that are to be taken more naturally and do not need to go under intense heat. Cooking will definitely destroy some active ingredients and would render the shakeology content ineffective. So there would be no need to heat your shakeology to a temperature that is not appropriate. Normally, room temperature is ideal for food replacement shakes like shakeology.

If you are interested in making the different flavors of shakeology, you can get the shakeology recipe from beachbody website, that is,, to guide you on which shakeology ingredients to buy for your various flavors.

You can get a full receipe of all flavors sold by beachbody from this website to prepare your own flavor of shakes. You know what the flavors are already; all you’ll need is to decide on your choice of flavor that you are comfortable with. A full recipe is listed for your collection for that taste of shakeology flavor you love.


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