How Healthy is Tea?


Nowadays, one can get many different types of tea in restaurants and cafes. These include black tea, green tea, herbal tea, spiced tea, and more. You may not be aware, but tea leaves are enriched with a number of health benefits, making it a safe cure for some health complications. Other than the withering, rolling and heating process, tea leaves undergo the fermentation process which contributes a lot to the nutritional health value. Below are some of the health benefits of tea.

Tea improves the body’s oral health. According to studies, tea components aid in fighting germs and hence reduce the risk of being vulnerable to gum diseases. Due to the busy lifestyle in the current world, heart diseases are a common phenomenon. Tea, especially black tea, helps in reducing the risk of getting heart diseases. This is because it improves circulation of blood, reducing chances of being affected by stroke and heart complications.

Lack of side effects is another advantage of taking tea on a daily basis. Antioxidants and phenols in tea play a major role in controlling body health. These elements are responsible for the smooth blood circulation with the absence of side effects. Antioxidants are very useful since they help improve the hair health, enhance memory and nourish the human skin. It is, therefore, recommendable for people of any age group. For very young children, though, certain teas and not advisable.

In addition to the above, tea is known to reduce the rampant growth of cancerous cells. For example, statistics show that those who take tea regularly are less risky to get ovarian cancer as compared to those who don’t. Tea aids in improving bone health by strengthening the bones. Black tea is much more advantageous when it comes to controlling type 2 diabetes. It improves the digestion process and consequently reduces the rise of sugar level in blood. It stimulates the production of digestive enzymes hence reducing chances of issues like constipation. Diabetes is common to older people hence black tea is recommended for them.

Tea helps to reduce high mental stress. It relaxes the nerve cells, preventing the body from suffering from nervous disorders. Through this relaxation, conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety are oppressed. Studies also show that tea increases the body immunity. Elements in tea fight germs and increase the production of white blood cells, boosting body immunity.

Spiced tea has ingredients such as cinnamon which enhances healing of wounds. Cardamom improves the functioning of the lungs, kidney, and liver. Clove is also added to tea to help relieve pain on body parts. Black pepper in spiced tea is beneficial since it assists in curing mild periodical diseases like colds and coughs. Ginger boosts digestion and improves body immunity.

If you’re interested in buying tea (either bagged or loose-leaf), it’s advisable to order from reputable sources, either locally or online. One way to get a regular delivery of organic, delicious teas is from a tea subscription.


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