Hair Transplantation


Hair transplant is the process in which transplantation of hair takes place. Many people suffer from the hair loss while some have less hair, for them this technique is very good by which they can have hairs and can look beautiful. Hair transplantation is nothing but the recovery of hairs by placing the hairs in the pores of the head. This technique has been used by doctors in the USA from a long time and now many new techniques have been implemented.

Countries like USA, Turkey, India and Singapore are famous for Hair Transplantation. India is growing fast as a medical tourism destination. Here you will find best hair transplant in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore.

Hair transplantation can be done on eyebros as well. Hair transplantation differs from people to people skins. Hair transplantation is also known as harvesting.

When hair transplantation process is going to take place firstly doctor will clear the scalp and then inject the medicine over there. There are mainly two methods for hair transplantation

  1. Follicular unit strip surgery
  2. Follicular unit extraction

There are mainly three types of hair transplantation

  1. Androgenic alopecia
  2. Eyebrow transplant
  3. Frontal hairline lowering

If some person is not having hairs at their back head then they can transplant hairs from body part like chest, shoulder etc. When the transplantation process is done, hair will look as shock look but after two to three months’ hairs will start growing slowly.

The hair transplant process is a little bit costlier but it mainly depends upon how much part has to be the transplant and which part of the head is to be transplanted. Some people require dense transplantation and some require less. So, depending upon the area it cost.

But after transplantation it may cause following side effects which are temporary:-

  1. Thinning: In this, the original hairs, which are there gets thinner. This process is very normal but after few months the original hairs will get thicker.
  2. Bleeding of skin: This is the crucial stage where bleeding will occur but by applying for some medicines over the skin it will get a stop. But in few condition, the bleeding will not get stopped so in this situation doctor need to stitch more part in order to stop the bleeding.
  3. The pain of the skin: In hair transplantation, the mostly pain will be there but some people will suffer more while some will suffer less. It mainly depends upon the skin condition of the person to person.
  4. Itching: It is will occur definitely because pores are being filled by hairs and it will be there for not more than two to three weeks. After this patient, can be relaxed.
  5. Swelling: This is the normal process because it will take place for two to three days.
  6. Numbness: This is a temporary situation as a patient will fill numbed for two to three days.
  7. Hiccups: This is the very rare side effect because only five percent people suffer from this. But if it lasts long for more days then it will trouble the patient while eating or sleeping. This is the worst side effect which some people suffers.
  8. Infections: This is the rare infection because while hair transplantation many antibiotics are given to the patient so that patient can be prevented from various side effects.
  9. Cysts: this can occur where the hair transplantation has done recently. This is also not on head part more than few weeks and is very small i.e. smaller than a small pimple.
  10. Scarring: It is very infrequently because mostly while doing the treatment medicines have been provided to the patient so that patient can be avoided from this side effect.

There are many new techniques which are in research while some techniques are Steam cells and dermal cells which are there recently discovered in hair transplantation. This research is also known as hair cloning. Nowadays Neo Graft technique is mostly used because of this method mostly small punches are given to the head. In this technique, all transplantation and pulling are done automatically. This technique also does not harm the skin of the patient and does not have any side effects. Those patients who require short hairs can easily adopt this technique. The only reason this technique is not mostly preferred is because of its cost.

Now a day’s people around the world are adopting the techniques of hair transplantation but it will take the time to overall implement this condition. As time, will continuously go on new techniques will be implemented.

Hope this article was informative and you have understood what is Hair Transplantation? Techniques used in hair transplantation.



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