Are Anti-Lice Products Damaging your Hair


Who doesn’t want beautiful long shiny hair? Well, everyone does, and girls do put a lot of hard work into it from choosing the best hair products and using all the tools to get those lovely curls just to make them perfect and lavishing.

Having lice doesn’t mean your hair is dirty and not clean. Lice are super contagious, and it can happen to anyone, any age, any race or nationality. So instead of


As you know, having lice is a common thing, and you have to start treating them immediately, or it will get worse, also to clean the infected person’s house, clothing and bed as there are chances that you might get lice back from the household things. You might wonder and question yourself if the products that you are using to get rid of your lice are completely safe and that it will not affect your hair or your belongings! Chances are yes; they can damage both your hair and your belongings (where ever you put the anti-lice spray on)

There are many cases and evidence that shows that using typical anti-lice products may affect your hair badly making them dry and frizzy and it will take away all your scalp moisture. Why? Because any anti-lice shampoos and conditioners contain isopropyl alcohol in it which can make your hair dry and damage them really bad. It is found in many un-natural hair products and is the worst thing you can do to your hair. As you are using a pesticide on your head, chances are- you might get side effects after.

Side effects like burning sensation on your head, itchy scalp(due to dryness) or rash. You might also get your eyes all burning and red if the product gets in your eyes.

 Another option is to use a lice/ nit comb, but that process will take way to long. You need a product that is all natural and will work wonders- CLEARLICE!


Natural products like Clearlice will help you get rid of all the uninvited tiny monsters and will also keep your hair soft and healthy!

Clearlice! It is a natural line with all-you-need for lice package. Clearlice has a solution to your problem too, it’s complete range of all-natural products keeps your hair soft, your scalp moisturized and your head lice and nits free. Check their website,

Don’t waste your money and time on the products which have more downsides than the ups. You just need a bottle of CLEARLICE which is 100% natural, safe, preventative




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