4 of the Biggest Misconceptions about Marijuana Debunked

For many decades now, marijuana opponents have had a control over the beliefs about the popular plant and spread across several misconceptions about its effects. This has led to a strong stigma against weed, the impact of which has not faded away even now. However, the facts are totally different about this miracle drug. Read on as we set straight the record of marijuana myths.

Myth 1: Legal Marijuana Results in Higher Rates of Usage in Younger People

Many people continue to debate the legalizing marijuana will make it easier for the youth to access it and use, though the facts are not in favor of this claim. According to the results of a study that monitored the long-term usage of weed among American adolescents, it was established that the ability to get marijuana among the youngest participants of the study was dropping. With respect to usage, the annual prevalence of cannabis indicated a considerable drop of 1.1% points in the year 2016.

Myth 2: Driving While High on Cannabis Is As Dangerous As Driving While Drunk

Driving while high on cannabis is not as bad as driving under alcohol influence. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration researchers, there is no proof to support claims that driving under pot influence is considerably more likely to cause accidents. However, that does not mean cannabis does not affect the ability to drive. Marijuana users are more cautious than their usual mood and due to this cautiousness many users don’t
prefer to drive at all.

Myth 3: Marijuana Use Results in Delinquency and Crime

The rate of marijuana usage is higher among the offenders when compared to non- offenders, though that certainly doesn’t imply that it leads to criminal behavior. The other factor may be leading to both the outcomes – or it could mean that causality is the other way, and offenders are more probable to make use of drugs. Moreover, marijuana, in
contrast to alcohol, doesn’t usually cause aggression. Therefore, it’s not right to associate it with violent crime.

Myth 4: Marijuana Is a Hard Drug

Many researches have proved that marijuana is less harmful when compared to tobacco and alcohol and it is less hard when compared to other really hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Exposing these myths through awareness and research is the best bet to get rid of the the delusions surrounding marijuana.

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