4 Incredible Scientific Reasons Why Women Should Consume Marijuana

A new revolution has come. More than 23 states have been legalizing marijuana. CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta reversed his opinion on medical marijuana and it has been appreciated by many and they believe that the drug should be legal.

Especially when we talk about marijuana, all should understand how it affects the body while consuming it on daily basis. Women were not included earlier, but today we will focus on four incredible scientific reasons why women should consume marijuana and in what way consumption of marijuana will be helpful for women.

  • Period cramps are the worst time in almost all women’s lives. They go through severe mood swings and headaches. In order to get relief from this bad phase of time, many prefer to slap on a heating pad, while some choose long drive with lot of chocolate consumption, but as per a study, marijuana has long been a popular choice for that time of the month. It works as a strong pain killer and refreshes the mind at the time as one of the best natural cramp-killers.
  • Headache is one of the major problems that every woman experiences during menstruation, including “menstrual migraines”. As per a report published in Pharmacotherapy, women should consume marijuana during their mensuration period in order to get instant relief from headache.

The report further stated that a survey was done including 121 adult participants to check menstrual migraine and the result was amazing. This herb really works without any side effect.

  • Women spend most of their time in the kitchen and their body consumes lot of unwanted heat resulting in gastrointestinal distress. In this case, one has to use the rest room number of times. Thus, the body becomes tired and weak. Marijuana will be the best option when women are suffering from diarrhea. The medicinal quality acts very strongly for the same providing instant relief.
  • Women’s skin is different from that of men. Marijuana plays a vital role in improving skin conditions especially in women. It works amazingly on skin conditions like eczema. Choose good quality marijuana for your skin and avoid spending money and time in beauty parlors. Women, who are interested in zero size figure, can go for it as it helps the body in regulating insulin production and internally manages the calories that you take.

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